The company was created when the founders saw a huge need for laboratory specimen collection for patients who “fall through the cracks” by not qualifying for homecare (e.g. they are not “homebound”) but who need a lab draw for their care team to make clinical decisions and the patient or caregiver have difficulty with transportation and scheduling for specimen collection. Since 2002 IHLC has provided laboratory technicians to collect and transport specimens to laboratories of choice. These skilled and very experienced phlebotomists almost always draw blood on the first attempt.

What We Do and Why:

  • Schedule the collection the evening before;
  • Collect the specimen;
  • Deliver it to the lab-of-record (i.e the lab associated with the patient’s electronic medical record);
  • Distribute the results; often to multiple requestors so the entire care team is updated

Who We Serve:

  •  Patients
  • Family / Caregivers
  • Primary Care, especially Primary Care that goes to patient homes
  • Hospital / SNF / Rehab Dischargers
  • Facilities
  • Other Homecare Agencies
  • Worker’s Comp
  • Clinical research requiring specimen collection

IHLC contracts with research studies that need specimen collection from subjects in the Twin Cities 7-county metro area. IHLC collects the specimen(s); most often ships them using kits supplied by the study agency, and emails de-identified encounter forms/requisitions to the study agency. The goal, as in specimen collection supporting ordering providers, is to make this process as easy as possible for all stakeholders.

Where We Serve:

  • Hennepin
  • Dakota
  • Carver
  • Scott
  • Ramsey
  • Anoka
  • Washington

Payment Accepted:

Private Pay$75.00+$20 Out of Area/After Hours
U-CareMany plans
Medicaid / MA
Health PartnersSome plans
MedicaSome plans
Workers Comp
Long-term Insurance